All games from World Championship 26 Final with status Finished


Walsh, HéctorMartín Clemente, Joel Draw 2/1/2011 Go to game
Schuster, PeterWalsh, Héctor White wins 12/9/2010 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorRattinger, Friedrich Draw 7/9/2011 Go to game
Leitão, RafaelWalsh, Héctor Draw 7/18/2011 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorBücker, Jürgen Draw 7/9/2011 Go to game
Cardelli, GabrielWalsh, Héctor Draw 5/19/2012 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorJaulneau, Christophe Draw 11/10/2011 Go to game
Santana Peñate, GuillermoWalsh, Héctor Draw 10/24/2011 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorBlanco Gramajo, César Augusto White defaulted 9/1/2011 Go to game
Şerban, FlorinWalsh, Héctor Black defaulted 6/7/2011 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorPerevertkin, Vladimir Viktorovich Draw 3/23/2011 Go to game
Almiron, LuisWalsh, Héctor Black defaulted 1/3/2012 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorMartí Pericot, Juan Manuel Draw 8/30/2011 Go to game
Povchanič, DanielWalsh, Héctor Draw 11/13/2010 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorHamarat, Tunc Draw 6/24/2012 Go to game
Langeveld, Ron A. H.Walsh, Héctor White wins 10/20/2011 Go to game
Martín Clemente, JoelSchuster, Peter Draw 6/12/2011 Go to game
Rattinger, FriedrichMartín Clemente, Joel Draw 1/3/2012 Go to game
Martín Clemente, JoelLeitão, Rafael Draw 2/16/2011 Go to game
Bücker, JürgenMartín Clemente, Joel Draw 12/19/2010 Go to game
Martín Clemente, JoelCardelli, Gabriel Draw 5/4/2011 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheMartín Clemente, Joel Draw 2/10/2011 Go to game
Martín Clemente, JoelSantana Peñate, Guillermo Draw 12/24/2010 Go to game
Blanco Gramajo, César AugustoMartín Clemente, Joel Draw 5/22/2011 Go to game
Martín Clemente, JoelŞerban, Florin Draw 1/24/2011 Go to game
Perevertkin, Vladimir ViktorovichMartín Clemente, Joel Draw 6/27/2015 Go to game
Martín Clemente, JoelAlmiron, Luis Draw 5/22/2011 Go to game
Martí Pericot, Juan ManuelMartín Clemente, Joel Draw 1/21/2011 Go to game
Martín Clemente, JoelPovchanič, Daniel Draw 1/24/2011 Go to game
Hamarat, TuncMartín Clemente, Joel Draw 4/19/2011 Go to game
Martín Clemente, JoelLangeveld, Ron A. H. Draw 2/3/2013 Go to game
Schuster, PeterRattinger, Friedrich Draw 10/17/2010 Go to game
Leitão, RafaelSchuster, Peter White wins 8/27/2010 Go to game
Schuster, PeterBücker, Jürgen Draw 8/11/2010 Go to game
Cardelli, GabrielSchuster, Peter Draw 9/30/2010 Go to game
Schuster, PeterJaulneau, Christophe Draw 2/8/2011 Go to game
Santana Peñate, GuillermoSchuster, Peter Draw 10/21/2010 Go to game
Schuster, PeterBlanco Gramajo, César Augusto Draw 9/2/2010 Go to game
Şerban, FlorinSchuster, Peter White wins 9/29/2010 Go to game
Schuster, PeterPerevertkin, Vladimir Viktorovich Draw 4/12/2011 Go to game
Almiron, LuisSchuster, Peter Draw 9/14/2010 Go to game
Schuster, PeterMartí Pericot, Juan Manuel Draw 3/27/2011 Go to game
Povchanič, DanielSchuster, Peter White wins 6/13/2011 Go to game
Schuster, PeterHamarat, Tunc Draw 11/1/2010 Go to game
Langeveld, Ron A. H.Schuster, Peter White wins 9/15/2010 Go to game
Rattinger, FriedrichLeitão, Rafael Draw 1/27/2011 Go to game
Bücker, JürgenRattinger, Friedrich Draw 1/5/2012 Go to game
Rattinger, FriedrichCardelli, Gabriel White wins 9/21/2011 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheRattinger, Friedrich Draw 11/23/2011 Go to game
Rattinger, FriedrichSantana Peñate, Guillermo Draw 7/10/2011 Go to game


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