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11/10/2021: CCCA Invitational Tournament
Canadian Correspondence Chess Association … Details

10/17/2021: Champions League 9
is now live! … Details

10/14/2021: Final of the 19th Olympiad
finished … Details

10/11/2021: Champions League 9
- registrations closed … Details

10/7/2021: The 8th School International Chess Event 2021/22 launched
with the participation of 4 schools from Greece, Mexico and Poland … Details

9/29/2021: ICCF Vouchers
Operating Details … Details

9/25/2021: Champions League Clearing House
Final Update … Details

9/25/2021: Champions League Update
Champions League Update … Details

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12/3/2021: Hoeven, David A. van der has achieved a norm for ICCF-GM!

12/3/2021: Chessfriends Rochade 5171 - 30 Years Board 2 was won by Bozyavkin, Anatoly

12/2/2021: Memorial Cecilio Hernáez Fernández Grupo A1 was won by Cardoso García, Sergio; Uberos Fernández, Antonio

12/2/2021: WS/M/828 started with 11 players

12/2/2021: Polishchuk, Aleksandr Feodosievich has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

12/2/2021: European Server Championship Open Round 427 was won by Bartkiewicz, Bronisław; Teufelhart, Johann

12/2/2021: European Server Championship Open Round 422 was won by Cuccumini, Vittorio; Rees, Owen

12/2/2021: WS/H/874 started with 7 players

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Promotion games

More promotion games:
 GM Lennart Rydholm (2466) IM Alfredo Dutra (2440)
 SIM Heinrich Repp (2518) SIM Leonardo Guedes de Magalhães (2518)
 GM Roman Chytilek (2685) FIDE GM David Navara
 GM Jernej Šivic (2575) GM Alik Samulovich Zilberberg (2597)
 CCM George Wharam (2409) GM Raymond Boger (2529)
 Frank Pöss (2506) IM Nelson González Rabago (2494)
 SIM Anton Čopar (2516) SIM Wolff Morrow (2506)
 IM Gerhard Walter (2461) SIM Thomas Biedermann (2468)
 FIDE GM Štěpán Žilka GM Pavel Sváček (2551)
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