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5/24/2023: 14th ICCF Veterans World Cup (VWC14)
- update on registrations (24.05.2023) … Details

5/15/2023: Last call for staying in the Congress venue at NBC rates
- deadline 26.05.2023 … Details

5/14/2023: Nol van t Riet Team Tournament Final
has started … Details

4/19/2023: I CXEB International Open Tournament (BRA)
- single phase, players grouped by rating, start date 30.06.2023 … Details

4/2/2023: Nol van 't Riet Team Tournament
- semifinals completed … Details

4/1/2023: Veterans World Cup 10 Final (VWC10) has finished
Winner is IM Gediminas Voveris (LTU) … Details

3/31/2023: 14th ICCF Veterans World Cup (VWC14)
Tournament Announcement … Details

3/25/2023: ICCF Olympiad 21 Final
ICCF Olympiad 21 Final now finished. … Details

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6/5/2023: 75yearsBdF /pr 15 was won by Köstner, Wolfgang; Kimlong, Ly

6/5/2023: WS/CCM/A/29 was won by Gittens, Mark

6/5/2023: USCF/WS/22VP08 was won by Jacobs Jr., Charles

6/4/2023: Tiemann, Christoph has achieved a norm for ICCF-SIM!

6/4/2023: Germany - Brazil Friendly 2021 was won by Brazil

6/4/2023: Hinrichs, Heinz has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

6/4/2023: WS/CCM/B/18 was won by De Vos, Peter; Grenard, Gérald

6/4/2023: 5th Interzonal Individual Tournament Prelim A was won by Barclay, Alex

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 GM Jernej Šivic (2575) GM Alik Samulovich Zilberberg (2597)
 GM Tim Murray (2560) GM Auvo Kujala (2633)
 GM Auno Siikaluoma (2552) GM Olita Rause (2684)
 SIM Harry Ingersol (2417) IM Asko Havumäki (2405)
 GM Auvo Kujala (2633) GM Olita Rause (2684)
 IM Ian Jones (2414) CCM Djamel Zeghachov (2400)
 GM Hans Tauber (2501) IM Igors Rausis (2488)
 GM Conny Persson (2516) SIM Bobby Johnson (2522)
 Joel Banawa SIM Gino Franco Figlio (2459)
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