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5/23/2020: ICCF World Cup 23
(webserver) … Details

7/5/2020: ICCF Donation
ICCF Member Federations show overwhelming generosity in donations to the World Health Organisation … Details

7/5/2020: Message from the ICCF President
Update to the ICCF 2020 Congress and State of ICCF Message … Details

6/22/2020: Carlos Flores Gutiérrez Team Tournament
has started.... … Details

6/20/2020: 7th International Clergy Polish Correspondence Chess Championship
Regulations … Details

6/20/2020: International School Friendly Event (2019-2020)
Regulations … Details

6/13/2020: World Correspondence Chess Championship 2020 Cycle:
the Candidates‘ Tournament of the 40th WCCC … Details

5/23/2020: The 2020 WCCC Semi-Finals (WCCC 44 SF) have been inserted on ICCF web-server.
Here are some highlights: … Details

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7/7/2020: Włodarczyk, Robert has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

7/7/2020: Mikoška, Josef has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

7/7/2020: WSTT/RD - Russian Defence, C42 Group 31 was won by Naniwadekar, Mihir

7/7/2020: Procopi, John has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

7/7/2020: Steinhauser, Viktor has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

7/7/2020: ICCF Veterans World Cup 12 pr 46 was won by Mondry, Matthias

7/7/2020: Match Cuba-Venezuela 2020 started with 46 players on 23 boards

7/7/2020: ICCF FM/3508 started with 2 players

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 SIM Lars Forslöf (2455) IM Alberto Pérez López (2435)
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 GM Arne Bjuhr (2478) SIM Miron Sferle (2486)
 GM Ian S. Brooks (2514) GM Peter L. Coleman (2607)
 SIM Andreas Brugger (2540) GM Jason Bokar (2526)
 GM Pavel Sváček (2550) FIDE IM Sebastián Iermito
 IM Alberto Pérez López (2435) SIM Lars Forslöf (2455)
 FIDE GM Erwin l'Ami GM Richard V. M. Hall (2595)
 IM Alberto Pérez López (2435) SIM Lars Forslöf (2455)
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