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5/2/2021: The 10th European Team Championship has come to an end.
The winner is Germany! … Details

4/24/2021: Veterans World Cup 8 Final (VWC8) has finished.
Winner is IM Guy Van Habberney (BEL). … Details

4/22/2021: George D. Pyrich Memorial Team Tournament Final
The tournament has started. … Details

4/15/2021: ICCF 2021 Congress – Updated Status (15/04/2021)
The updated plan for the ICCF 2021 Congress … Details

4/13/2021: Zvonko Juras 1948-2021†
With the sad news, ICCF must announce the passing of our Croatian delegate, Mr. Zvonk Juras. … Details

4/5/2021: DE 15th Webserver Anniversary DE15 A
The Direct Entry Webserver 15th A Anniversary has just started - already results are piling in—some interesting statistics on the tournament. … Details

4/2/2021: 13th ICCF Veterans’ World Cup (VWC)
Tournament Announcement … Details

3/31/2021: Nol van't Riet Team Tournament Announcement - Update
An update to the player ratings is announced. … Details

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5/8/2021: Simplina, Arthur has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

5/7/2021: Kitchin Memorial Qualifier 2021 (ENG) started with 8 players

5/7/2021: Rating Toernooi 2020 Gp C was won by Rave de, Sjoerd

5/7/2021: Kitchin Memorial Final 2021 (ENG) started with 7 players

5/7/2021: Dillenburg, Alberto Francisco has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

5/7/2021: 16. Deutscher Senioren-Fernschach-Cup - Finale started with 13 players

5/7/2021: Nezuka, Eisque has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

5/7/2021: García Gonzálvez, José Diego has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

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 GM Auno Siikaluoma (2543) SIM Roger Mayer (2497)
 SIM Gino Franco Figlio (2476) SIM Carlos G. Pappier (2490)
 GM Roman Chytilek (2685) FIDE GM David Navara
 FIDE GM Viktor Láznička GM Jan Židů (2610)
 GM Pavel Sváček (2550) FIDE IM Sebastián Iermito
 Casper Schoppen SIM Heinrich Repp (2510)
 GM Vladimir Dudyev (2570) FIDE GM Abhijeet Gupta
 GM Jiří Dufek (2609) FIDE GM Peter Michalík
 FIDE GM Štěpán Žilka GM Pavel Sváček (2551)
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