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10/11/2019: The 6th Chess School-Friendly International Event launched
with the participation of 9 schools from … Bulgaria, England, Germany, Greece, Spain and Poland … Details

10/7/2019: DE10A Final Announcement
The final of DE10A has started! It is a 15 player final containing 1 SIM, 10 IM, and 4 CCM. The average rating is 2426 (Category 8). … Details

10/2/2019: World Championship Final 30 is now finished
After nearly 2½ years of play, World Championship Final 30 has finished … Details

10/2/2019: ICCF - Zonal Director Election Results
ICCF – Zonal Director Elections Results … Details

9/26/2019: 71st European Individual Championship
The 71st European Individual Championship is completed. … Details

9/22/2019: Message to Players
From the WTD and TDC … Details

9/21/2019: Server Downtime
Update … Details

9/20/2019: Server Downtime
The server has been unavailable to a number of players for the last few hours … Details

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10/15/2019: 2019 CCLA Spring Server Series, S91018 was won by Nurmi, Ronald

10/14/2019: Modestino, Marco has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

10/14/2019: Höxter, Heinrich has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

10/14/2019: Copa Perú IV honoring Alfredo Cillóniz Grupo 53 was won by Wedel, Lutz

10/14/2019: Novikov, Sergey Vasilievich has achieved a norm for ICCF-IM!

10/14/2019: C & DCCC 2018/19 Division 2 - Sinclair was won by Essex B

10/14/2019: C & DCCC 2018 Division 3 - Butler Thomas was won by Essex C

10/14/2019: Indonesia Championship #3B - 2019 was won by Syafrial, Nur

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Promotion games

More promotion games:
 SIM Andrey Leonidovich Kochemasov (2540) GM Sergey Vladimirovich Nefedov (2561)
 Oleg Vasilievich Sivenkov (2468) GM Tony Hedlund (2559)
 Ricardo Luis Macayo (2380) IM Juan Carlos Zárate (2325)
 FIDE GM Erwin l'Ami GM Richard V. M. Hall (2595)
 GM Richard V. M. Hall (2595) FIDE GM Erwin l'Ami
 Vasil Vasilev (2399) SIM Alberto Dosi (2554)
 SIM Evgeny Vasilievich Lobanov (2505) SIM Rüdiger Löschnauer (2480)
 GM Sérgio Badolati (2512) SIM Rüdiger Löschnauer (2480)
 GM Christophe Pauwels (2549) SIM Mikhail Ivanovich Shablinsky (2414)
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