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12/16/2018: World Correspondence Chess Championship 2019 Cycle: Preliminaries 43rd WCCC
Following the decisions of the ICCF Congress 2011, all Preliminary Sections of the World Correspondence Chess Championship shall start on the same day and only once per year. … Details

12/13/2018: New Norm Tournaments
The new Norm Tournaments have been inserted on the New Events page … Details

12/9/2018: Player Photos
...a reminder … Details

12/8/2018: New Tournament Director Committee Chairman
IA Valer-Eugen Demian (CAN) new Tournament Director Committee Chairman … Details

12/8/2018: The new Norm Tournaments
A new set of 10 different Norm Tournaments become available within days. … Details

12/1/2018: ICCF Games Archive
November update … Details

11/30/2018: Entries to Norm Tournaments
Players are kindly asked to NOT send entries to MN and GMN tournaments in the following cases: … Details

11/29/2018: Current Rating Period ends at 30/11/2018
Tournament directors are asked to complete the registration of results in postal and email tournaments. … Details

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12/17/2018: AEAC W/M/082 started with 7 players

12/17/2018: Natcor TMLC19 Div2F started with 2 players

12/17/2018: Natcor TMLC19 Div2E started with 2 players

12/17/2018: Natcor TMLC19 Div1E started with 2 players

12/17/2018: Natcor TMLC19 Div1D started with 2 players

12/17/2018: Natcor TMLC19 Premier J started with 2 players

12/17/2018: ICCF Veterans World Cup 10 pr 25 was won by Llorach Gracia, Tomás

12/17/2018: WSTT/SEA - Sicilian, English Attack, B90 Group 32 was won by Vegjeleki, Adolf

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