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6/12/2024: World Correspondence Chess Championship 2024 Cycle:
Candidates‘ Tournament – 44th WCCC registration … Details

6/11/2024: Services Director - Midterm Elections
- nominations to be sent no later than June 30, 2024 … Details

6/9/2024: 35 Aniversario de la FECAP International Open Tournament
- announcement … Details

6/3/2024: Viktor Stronsky (1954-2024)
- Ukrainian IM died at the age of 70 … Details

6/2/2024: The 2024 WCCC Semi-Finals (WCCC 48 SF)
have been inserted on the ICCF web-server. … Details

5/28/2024: Olexandr Bubir (1957-2024),
Ukrainian GM died at the age of 67 … Details

5/7/2024: Website Update and Unavailability
The ICCF website will be unavailable on the morning of 15th May from 09:00 (UK time) for a period of up to two hours. … Details

5/7/2024: Mikhail Shereshevsky, Endgame Strategy
Book Review by Uwe Bekemann … Details

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6/15/2024: Lara Ruiz, Juan has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

6/15/2024: 5th Africa Asia Team Championship Board 2 was won by Sengupta, Arnab

6/15/2024: ICCF Aspirers Group 382 was won by Navejar, Cesar

6/15/2024: RoW Championship Open Round 17 was won by Grice, Jason

6/15/2024: Valverde Toresano, Andrés has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCM!

6/15/2024: Natcor APA123 started with 5 players

6/15/2024: Natcor APA122 started with 5 players

6/15/2024: Ziechaus, Lothar has achieved a norm for ICCF-CCE!

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 GM Conny Persson (2516) SIM Bobby Johnson (2522)
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 GM Auno Siikaluoma (2552) GM Olita Rause (2684)
 GM Tim Murray (2560) GM Auvo Kujala (2633)
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 GM Auvo Kujala (2633) GM Olita Rause (2684)
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