All games from ICCF Olympiad 20 Preliminaries - Section 03 Board 1 with status Finished


Ostriker, JonOhtake, Sakae White wins 12/31/2013 Go to game
Rubinas, PavelOstriker, Jon Draw 9/7/2013 Go to game
Ostriker, JonBurg, Twan Draw 8/19/2013 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Ostriker, Jon Black wins 5/4/2014 Go to game
Ostriker, JonAkdag, Murat Draw 8/10/2013 Go to game
Kerr, StephenOstriker, Jon Draw 10/2/2013 Go to game
Ostriker, JonMichálek, Miroslav White wins 12/1/2014 Go to game
Percze, JánosOstriker, Jon Draw 8/21/2013 Go to game
Ohtake, SakaeRubinas, Pavel Draw 2/17/2014 Go to game
Burg, TwanOhtake, Sakae Draw 4/17/2013 Go to game
Ohtake, SakaeNoble, Mark F. Draw 4/17/2013 Go to game
Akdag, MuratOhtake, Sakae Draw 6/29/2013 Go to game
Ohtake, SakaeKerr, Stephen Draw 6/16/2013 Go to game
Michálek, MiroslavOhtake, Sakae Draw 4/10/2013 Go to game
Ohtake, SakaePercze, János Black wins 9/13/2013 Go to game
Rubinas, PavelBurg, Twan Draw 3/15/2013 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Rubinas, Pavel Draw 6/11/2014 Go to game
Rubinas, PavelAkdag, Murat Draw 7/1/2013 Go to game
Kerr, StephenRubinas, Pavel Draw 7/8/2013 Go to game
Rubinas, PavelMichálek, Miroslav Draw 4/24/2013 Go to game
Percze, JánosRubinas, Pavel Draw 5/28/2013 Go to game
Burg, TwanNoble, Mark F. Draw 4/16/2013 Go to game
Akdag, MuratBurg, Twan Draw 6/6/2013 Go to game
Burg, TwanKerr, Stephen White wins 11/17/2013 Go to game
Michálek, MiroslavBurg, Twan Draw 4/22/2013 Go to game
Burg, TwanPercze, János Draw 6/8/2013 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Akdag, Murat White wins 7/31/2014 Go to game
Kerr, StephenNoble, Mark F. Draw 6/10/2013 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Michálek, Miroslav Draw 4/5/2013 Go to game
Percze, JánosNoble, Mark F. Draw 3/31/2014 Go to game
Akdag, MuratKerr, Stephen Draw 6/10/2014 Go to game
Michálek, MiroslavAkdag, Murat Draw 6/23/2013 Go to game
Akdag, MuratPercze, János Draw 6/1/2013 Go to game
Kerr, StephenMichálek, Miroslav Draw 6/23/2013 Go to game
Percze, JánosKerr, Stephen Draw 1/5/2014 Go to game
Michálek, MiroslavPercze, János Draw 11/26/2013 Go to game

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