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The definitive History of Correspondence Chess in Aruba remains to be written.

Although over the board chess has been quite popular in Aruba for years, there is no history of correspondence chess as nobody in Aruba had the idea to play CC. We are not yet known for Correspondence Chess, but we are working on it.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 many Aruban chess players became interested in correspondence chess.

The first efforts to promote CC in Aruba date back to the year 2020, by National Master Valentino Martis.

CCM Valentino Martis is the founder of the Aruba Correspondence Chess Federation.

The Aruba Correspondence Chess Federation became a member of ICCF on August 31, 2021. Aruba is one of the smallest members of ICCF.

The primary objective of the federation is to promote the participation of Aruban correspondence chess players in international tournaments, to organize national events for Aruban players, and to form a national team to represent Aruba in events organized by the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).

The Aruban team has played in international friendly matches, against the teams of USA, Peru, Venezuela and Wales.

Many Aruban correspondence chess players are successfully participating in different competitions carried out by the ICCF.

At present, the best CC players in Aruba are CCM Valentino Martis, Vladimir Martis and Tommy Royer.

Aruba has only 1 Correspondence Chess Master (CCM), 1 Tournament Organizer (TO) and 1 Tournament Director Level 1 (TD Level 1).

At the present time, Aruba has some 20 players registered in ICCF. One of them Valentino Martis gained both ICCF CCE and CCM title in 2021. He is the strongest Aruban player and he is also the ICCF delegate for Aruba.

The number of CC players in Aruba seem to be increasing very quickly.

The Aruba Correspondence Chess Federation looks to the future optimistically. 


ICCF-Aruba Federation Delegate Valentino Martis


Top Players
PlaceICCF IDTitleNameRating

1 724002 CCM Martis, Valentino2330
2 724016 Martis, Vanessa2305
3 724012 CCM Martis, Vladimir2304
4 724017 Royer, Tommy2056
5 724013 Martis, Hermann1935

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