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The Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation (WCCF), or Ffederasiwn Cymru Gwyddbwyll drwy Ohebiaeth, is the ICCF national body representing all Welsh correspondence chess players. The primary objective of the federation is to promote the participation of Welsh correspondence chess players in international tournaments, to organise national events for Welsh players, and to form a national team to represent Wales in events organised by the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).

The inaugural meeting of the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation was held on Saturday 18th August 2012, 13:00 - 15:00 at the Scala Cinema and Arts Centre, 47 High Street, Prestatyn, Denbighshire LL19 9AH; the main business of the meeting was to formally establish the federation, to ratify the constitution, and to elect officers. All Welsh chess players with an interest in correspondence chess were cordially invited to attend.

"National" membership of WCCF is free to all players registered in ICCF under the Welsh flag; optional "Premium" membership is also available as a small annual subscription.

WCCF was formally recognised by ICCF as the national correspondence chess federation for Wales at Congress in 2012.

Top Players
PlaceICCF IDTitleNameRating

1 810209 SIM Yeo, Gareth2482
2 210855 IM Balshaw, Anthony2465
3 810160 SIM Claridge, John B.2436
4 810183 IM Jones, Ian2435
5 211672 IM Lockwood, Austin2420
6 810174 CCM Bishop, William2417
7 810163 IM Keevil, Paul2407
8 810075 CCM Wakeham, Marc R.2397
9 810243 CCM Evans, Craig2381
10 810161 CCM Sherwood, Russell2366

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