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The settings here will change the look and feel of your experience on the server. Here are the settings

Use drag and drop to enter moves: When the graphical board is displayed, you will be able to use the mouse, or touch-screen, to move the pieces. In the unlikely event that the drag-drop function is not working on your device, you can disable this feature and type your move in the box provided.

Disable notifications for opponent's moves: Normally, whenever an opponent makes a move in one of your games, a notification is sent to your email address. If you are playing in many games, you maybe looking at the server frequently, and may prefer to disable this feature.

Disable notifications for your own movesIf you want to keep an email record of your own moves, you may turn on these notifications. However as the server itself is the best record of all the moves, most players may prefer to disable these notifications.

Disable notifications for upcoming tournamentsSelect this if if you dont want these notices.

Disable notifications sent on behalf of ICCF's commercial partners You can decide to enable or disable these notifications

Finally after making changes to your personal settings, please click SAVE CHANGES.

last updated Monday, August 14, 2017

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