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In My Games, on clicking one of the games where it is your turn to move, you would see a screen similar to this:

You can make your move by dragging one of pieces to the destination square (using mouse or touch screen, depending on your device). This is called Drag and Drop. Sometimes drag and drop does not seem to work. If you find a problem with drag and drop, the first thing to check is whether the drag and drop option is enabled (section 3.8). On the above screen, notice the drop-down list Board. If the mouse is hovered over this, you will notice an item: Use drag and drop. If there is a check mark on the right of this, then drag and drop is enabled. If not, click to enable. In rare cases, if drag and drop does not work, you can turn it off and type inside the box:

for example you could type Nbd7 or O-O (For the castling move, a Capital O is required).

After making your move on the board, click SUBMIT. If it was not the intended move, you can click UNDO and try again. CANCEL will take you back to My Games page.

After clicking SUBMIT the page will refresh.  Now you would see the buttons CANCEL and COMMIT. Look at the position carefully. If this is the intended move, click COMMIT, otherwise click CANCEL and start over. Note that clicking COMMIT is final. After that, the move cannot be changed.

last updated Monday, August 14, 2017

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