Conditional moves enabled

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If conditional moves are enabled, after making your move, when SUBMIT is clicked, there is an additional button SUBMIT CONDITIONAL as in the picture below:

A linear sequence of conditional moves can be entered by moving the pieces of both Black and White alternately, clicking SUBMIT CONDITIONAL after each move. End by clicking COMMIT making sure that the sequence ends with a move from your side. After COMMIT has been clicked it is not possible to change your move and any of the moves proposed in the conditional sequence.  Note that you can only propose one linear conditional sequence. Multiple conditional moves and branching are not possible.

Conditional moves are hidden on the server. If your opponent proposed a conditional sequence, you would not know about it in advance. You would see the usual interface for making your move. But if you happened to play a move that the opponent proposed, then after clicking COMMIT you would find that the board has changed and is now waiting for your next move. There is no pressure on you to make the next move immediately. You can click CANCEL and come back to this game later. However, the opponents move has been recorded without any increase in the time taken.

last updated Monday, August 14, 2017

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