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The following options are available:

5.4.1 Claim win and Claim draw

Many of the actions on the server are automated. However there are times you might want to claim a win or draw. When you select Calim win or Claim draw, you will see the following message below the graphical board:

Please continue if you wish to claim a draw or win in this game; the information you submit here will be sent to the tournament director for consideration. 

Make sure this is what you want to do before you click PROCEED

5.4.2 Appeal

If the TD has made a decision about the game and you disagree, then you have to make an appeal. (You can reach this option even if a game is already scored, if you did not close the game). Appeals should not be taken lightly. On selecting this option, you will see:

Below this you will see an interface that allows you to send an email to the ICCF Appeals Committee. State your case clearly and concisely. Make sure you have studied the rules document carefully before making an appeal.

 5.4.3 Download PGN


This facility is provided to store the moves played in the game in PGN notation as a file on your PC (or other device). You can then open the game with a chess application.

 5.4.4 Use 40+ reflection

In any game, if you remain silent for 40 days, then on the 41st day, the game will be scored as a loss to you.

However, if you have enough time available to you in the game, and you want to reflect on your move for more than the silence period, you must indicate this in advance. To do this, select Use 40+ reflection.

5.4.5 Report inappropriate remarks from opponent

Message boxes are provided on the Game page so that you can converse with the opponent. Correspondence chess is way to establish friendship with your opponents and these conversation boxes are provided for this purpose. However you should not make any remarks that will be considered as inappropriate by the opponent. To know more about inappropriate remarks, please read the rules document.

 If you think your opponent is making inappropriate remarks, then you can report the matter by selecting this option.

 5.5 Drop down list - Board

 Options connected with the appearance of the chess board displayed, making moves and details of moves are available in this drop down list. 

 5.5.1 Coordinates

Keep this turned on if you would like to see coordinates (A-H 1-8) around the edge of the board.

 5.5.2 Piece size

You can decide between piece sizes of 16-96 pixels. If you select Automatic, the piece size will be adjusted according to the size of your browser window.

5.5.3 Use drag and drop

Selecting drag and drop allows you to make moves using your mouse (or another pointing device). As explained at the beginning of this Section, in case of difficulty with drag and drop, turn this feature off and you will be able to make your moves by typing in the box adjacent to Your move:

5.5.4 Turn

Select Turn If you want to view the board from the other side.

5.5.5 Show Details

Use this to view detailed time stamps of all the moves and look at all the messages exchanged.  

5.6 Drop down list - Email

This drop down list has the following content: 

5.6.1 Notifications

If you would like to receive a notification every time one of your opponents makes a move, keep this option turned on. If you have many games running and login to the server on a regular basis, you may like to turn off email notifications.

5.6.2 Email team captain

 If this a Team event, you to can send an email to your  team captain using this interface.

5.6.3 Email for Appeals

This is the same as 5.4.2. You can use this to appeal against a decision taken by the Tournament Director.

5.6.4 Email help desk

When you face a problem in using the server, you can contact the Help Desk. But first you should check these help pages especially the FAQ page.

last updated Monday, August 14, 2017

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