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In addition to the rules for silence, there are also rules for time limit. The usual time limit is 50 days for every 10 moves (50/10). In some tournaments the time limit could be different – the tournament announcement would mention this. If the time limit is 50/10, the allowed total reflection time is 50 days upto move 10, 100 days upto move 20, and so on. The time saved at each time control period is carried over to the next period.

Counting Reflection Time

Reflection time is counted in whole days. After the opponent has made a move, if you reply within 24 hours, the reflection time is zero days. If you reply after 24 hours, but within 48 hours, it counts as 1 day and so on. An exception occurs  after 21 days and this is explained in section Double Time (see below). For White’s first move, time is counted from the tournament start date. The calculation depends on the difference between two times. The time zone of your location or that of your opponent does not enter the calculation.

Double Time

Double time is an important rule and it is necessary to understand this clearly. After 21 days, double-time applies wherein each elapsed day counts as two days. An email notification informing that time doubling has started as in the picture below is sent by the server.


last updated Monday, August 14, 2017

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