5th Veterans World Cup Final

Saturday, September 9, 2017: has a winner

Dear chessfriends,


I am pleased to announce that the final of the 5th Veterans World Cup has ended.

The first 3 places were decided by a very narrow tiebreak. All three medallists ended up at 6 points  / 10 games and even the same Baumbach tiebreak. Therefore a difference of 0,25/0,5 SB points decided the final standings: 


1. Ralf Neubauer (GER)

2. Dieter Kraft (GER)

3. Yury Avraamovich Muzyka (RUS)


Congratulations to all players!


The crosstable may be found here.



Uwe Staroske, TO


by uwe.staroske@gmx.de

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