Finjub-55 Semifinals

Wednesday, July 31, 2019: starting soon

To be started soon after the qualifiers from the Preliminaries are determined. Winners (and the similar points from them) of preliminary groups will not pay any more entry fees to finish the event at any stage. Players ICCF rated equal or greater than 2300 (or title IM, SIM or GM) will be allowed direct entry to the Semifinals upon payment of an entry fee. The entry for these players will be 18 euros or 20 USD. Semifinal groups will be composed of 9-11 players and the top 12-14 players from this stage (group winners and perhaps some best second placed players) will advance to the final stage.

Clarification: If a player rated 2350 or higher plays the preliminaries (one or multiple groups) and fails to qualify, he/she may register directly into the semifinals by paying an additional fee of 15 euros or 17 USD (and NOT the 18 euros or 20 USD that he/she would have paid had he/she not played the preliminaries).

Prizes of the final: 400, 200 and 100 euros.

New entries not later than 10st of September 2019: Heikki Arppi, heikki.arppi@kolumbus.fi



Fee payment information: to PayPal account for Finnish Correspondence Chess Federation: olavi.riikonen@elisanet.fi


bank transfer Nordea Bank IBAN: FI20 2065 1800 0794 65, SWIFT/BIC: NDEAFIHH



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