6th WebChess Open Final

Wednesday, February 24, 2021: Results of the 6th Webchess Open Final are now in.

6th WebChess Open Final

Dear Chessfriends,

After 2 years from the start (2019-02-10), the 6th Webchess Open Tournament Final ended.

The final standing crosstable may be found here https://www.iccf.com/event?id=77860

The winners are SIM Vyacheslav Grigorievich Prozorovsky from Russia and IM Paul Muljadi from the USA, who scored 6,5 points (SB 38,75) in 12 games!

CCM Sergiy Yakovlyev took 3rd place from Ukraine and IM Antonio Roy Laguens – also 6,5  points, but "only" SB 38,25.

Congratulations to all!

They are followed by 6 players (!) with 6 points and also the last player in the table reaches 5 points—such a hard-fought final.

Out of the 78 games, only 7 games were won - and that by 7 different players!

We want to thank you all for a well-played and amicable final!

Amici sumus

Jörg Kracht, NTTC

Carlos Huguet Reina, TD

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