CCCA Invitational Tournament

Wednesday, November 10, 2021: Canadian Correspondence Chess Association

Canadian Correspondence Chess Association (CCCA) is pleased to organize the top invitational server event to celebrate its 100 years anniversary. The start date is 2021-12-01.

The two groups can be accessed here:
A1: https://www.iccf.com/event?id=95776
A2: https://www.iccf.com/event?id=95777

A total prize fund of $3,000 in Canadian dollars is guaranteed as follows:
$1,500 per group
-- 1st place:  $750
-- 2nd place: $500
-- 3rd place:  $250
Tie-breaks apply for the purpose of determining the clear top 3 places per each group.

Valer Eugen Demian
FIDE CM & Instructor
ICCF International Master
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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