7th Webchess Open Tournament finished

Monday, November 28, 2022: - winner is IM Francisco Burgos Garbin (ESP)

7th Webchess Open Tournament started on 31.01.2017 with the preliminary round (861 entries in 123 groups), followed by the semifinals (13 groups) and now the 7th Webchess Open ended (on 24.11.2022)!

The 7th Webchess Open Tournament final finished in 27 months. 

The final was category 7, and 102 of the 105 games ended in a draw! And only the last game brought the decision.

The winner of the tournament is IM Francisco Burgos Garbin from Spain, who won 2 games.

The second place goes to SIM Dmitry Viktorovich Morozov.

And on the third place we find 10 players:

  • SIM Rallabandi, Praveen Kumar
  • CCM Tsitsulin, Anton Andreevich
  • CCM Volodarsky, Yury Aleksandrovich
  • IM Hablizel, Frank
  • IM Boos Markus
  • CCM Kuntze, Andreas
  • IM Anokhin, Yury
  • SIM Pheby, Ian M.
  • IM Hartl, Hermann
  • CCM Herman, Tom

Congratulations to all prize winners!

Amici sumus
Best regards
Jörg Kracht

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