I CXEB International Open Tournament (BRA)

Wednesday, April 19, 2023: - single phase, players grouped by rating, start date 30.06.2023

Tournament description

Any player can play this tournament regardless of his rating. The tournament will be played in a single phase.

Registered players grouped by rating will be allocated to groups of 11, 13 or 15 players, so that all group members have a similar rating. The number of groups will depend on the number of registrations. Up to 2 registrations will be allowed, with the second registration the player will be paired in the group following the first group.

The start date of the tournament is June 30, 2023.

The registration fee is 7.5 €.

The tournament will be played on the ICCF server at triple block time control with an appropriate tournament duration according to the average rating of each group: 500 days event, with 50 days initial bank and 3 day increment for the first 50 moves is used.

The tournament will be rated and valid to obtain the norms for ICCF titles in groups that meet all the conditions required by the ICCF.



The game system of the I CXEB International Open allows up to two registrations, and the second registration will be paired in the group following the first group. The groups are formed in ranking order and there is only one stage.

The registrations and the payment of the fees for I CXEB International Open must be done by the DE system in the server of the ICCF opening the menu Brazil in New Events. The link leads to the registrations for I CXEB International Open.

Inscriptions must be received no later than June 15, 2023.



This tournament will award certificates to the top 3 in each group. The tiebreaker system will be: 1. Baumbach, 2. Sonnenborn-Berger, 3. the results of the players tied with each other and 4. the lowest rating at the start of the tournament.

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