Champions League 10

Thursday, September 21, 2023: - Announcement

The ICCF is pleased to announce the ICCF Champions League 10.


The ICCF Champions League is a team event for teams of 4 players.


The Champions League is structured in 3 Divisions:

  • Champions League - A Division
  • Champions League - B Division
  • Champions League - C Division


The 3 Divisions will be organized as follows:

  • A Division: 1 section, 15 teams
  • B Division: 4 sections, 13 teams per section
  • C Division: 4 or more sections, teams per section according to the registrations


Games are rated and, where all necessary requirements are met, title norms could be achieved.

The Rating List that will be taken into consideration is 2024/1.



Entries will be accepted from 01.10.2023 to 31.12.2023.

The start date is scheduled for 01.02.2024.


Time Control

Triple Block (TriBl) system.

Duration of the tournament: 700 days (about 2 years);

Initial clock: 50 days;

Initial bank: 50 days;

Increment: 5 days (with "guaranteed time").



Entries will only be accepted and confirmed if all required details have been provided and the entry fee has been paid.

Entries for Champions League teams can be made via the ICCF Direct Entry system or via National Federation.

All entries must be submitted through the server, not directly to the TO.

Entries must be for complete teams - players cannot register individually!


Information and updates

Updates will be regularly posted on www.iccf.com.



The FAQ should answer any questions. If you have questions not answered there, please contact the NTTC Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi at nttc@iccf.com or the WTD Uwe Staroske at Uwe.Staroske@gmx.de


Promotions and relegations from CL10

A Division

  • The teams in places 1-7 (after tie-breaks) will play in the A Division of CL11
  • The teams in places 8-15 (after tie-breaks) will be relegated to the B division of CL11


B Division

  • The teams in places 1-2 (after tie-breaks) will be promoted to the A division of CL11
  • The teams in places 3-7 (after tie-breaks) will play in the B division of CL11
  • The teams in places 8-13 (after tie-breaks) will be relegated to the C division of CL11


C Division

  • 24 teams will be promoted to the B division in CL11.
  • The promoted teams will be chosen equally among the sections of C Division (if 6 sections, 4 per section; if 8 sections, 3 per section, etc.)


Promotion and relegation rules may change depending on the number of entries.

Any changes will be communicated before the start of the tournament.


Amici sumus.



Uwe Staroske, WTD                                            Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi, NTTC


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