Preliminaries of the 23rd Olympiad

Saturday, January 6, 2024: have been inserted on the ICCF web-server

46 National Federations registered their team.

There are 5 Sections, 1 with 10 teams and 4 with 9 teams.

The Sections were assembled via controlled random drawing, taking into account the strength of the teams.

The best two teams from each Section will qualify for the Final.


Here are some highlights:

  • Official start-date: January 22, 2024
  • TD: Sect. 1: IA Michael Millstone (USA); Sect. 2: IA Juan Alberto Martello (ARG); Sect. 3: IA Laurent Tinture (FRA); Sect. 4: IA Bianor de Oliveira Neves (BRA); Sect. 5: IA Karsten Kjeldsen (DEN)
  • 6 players in each team (i.e. 288 players for a total of 1242 games)
  • Board 1: category from IX to X; board 2: category from VIII to IX; board 3: category from VII to VIII; board 4: category from VI to VII; board 5: category from V to VI; board 6: category from IV to VI
  • 21 GM; 51 SIM; 89 IM; 94 CCM; 12 CCE


Gian-Maria Tani

ICCF Title Tournament Commissioner

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