Qualifications from former Zones Championships

Sunday, January 28, 2024: - clarification

There have been inquiries from players about what will happen in the transition period with qualifications earned in former Zones Championships.

This note is to inform that:

- qualifications from the former EU Zone are transferred to the Super Regional EU Championships;
- qualifications from the former World Zone are transferred to the Super Regional RoW Championships.

In special cases qualifications from the former Zones Championships may be transferred crosswise, i. e. qualifications from the former RoW Championships may be transferred to the Super Regional EU Championships and vice versa. This is the case when a NF moved from the Rest of the World to Europe or vice versa.

All qualifications earned in the former Zones Championships will expire 3 years after the end of the tournament in which they were earned.

Leonardo Madonia
Super-Regional Tournaments Commissioner

Alberto Martello
Super-Regional tournaments Commissioner - Deputy RoW

Austin Lockwood
Super-Regional tournaments Commissioner - Deputy Europe

Uwe Staroske
World Tournament Director

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