The Fourth States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship

Friday, June 21, 2024: - announcement

The States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship is a biennial team event organised by the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation (WCCF) and open to representative teams from any country of the world.

Teams must represent a subdivision of a country; this could be a state, county, province, territory, etc. Eligibility to play for each team is determined by the team captain, however the WCCF Executive Committee retain the right to reject any individual or team entry. Multiple teams (for example “A” and “B” teams) may be entered from the same state or region.

Entries at now accepted at ICCF.com – New Events/Wales


Teams will consist of four players; each player will play one game against each of the other players on the same board.

There will be one or more divisions, each division will consist of thirteen to fifteen teams. Allocation to the first division will be:

  • The first six placed teams from Division One, Season three
  • The first two placed teams from Division Two, Season three (Promoted)
  • Any vacancies will be filled strictly by rating order


The winning team of Division One will be declared the S&RCCC Champion, the winning team and first runner up of the lower divisions will be promoted to the next division.

New teams will normally enter at the lowest division except by agreement of the WCCF Executive Committee. Teams including fewer than three players from the previous season will be considered as new teams.


All relevant ICCF rules and procedures for international team events current at the start of the tournament will apply.  Team captains are strongly encouraged to arrange boards by rating order and WCCF reserve the right to enforce rating order to correct a detrimental effect on norm availability.  The same player may not represent more than one team in the event or occupy more than one board for the same team.

As the S&RCCC is an ICCF approved tournament, title norms may be available depending on the rating level of each board.

Time Control

The Triple Block time control of 50 days initial time, 50 days bank, and 5 days added for each of the first fifty moves will be used with Guaranteed Time applying after Move 50.


The States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship had been approved by ICCF as an Open tournament; international teams may enter by contacting the organisers directly.

The entry fee for each team is 20.00 Euro Direct Entry. Entry may be made via the ICCF Website only – for teams who wish to enter via their National Federation, contact should be made with them to confirm the necessary payment.

Entries will close on 3rd August 2024; games will commence shortly afterwards.

There are no prizes, however certificates will be awarded to members of the winning team of each division, and free entry will be offered to the winning team of the first division for the following season.



Division 1

  • Cardiff A
  • Bohemia
  • Windy City
  • Cardiff B
  • Quattro Tori Lazio
  • Donbas
  • Subcarpathian - Rymanów Cit
  • Western Ukraine


Division 2

  • Philippines North
  • Westhoughton Schemers


Division 3

  • Volga Moscow
  • Salzberg 2

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