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PlaceICCF IDCountryTitleNameGamesRatingRD

1 20531 ARG GM Cornejo, Wálter376252898
2 20915 ARG SIM Pappier, Carlos G.455250895
3 20596 ARG IM Bonatti, Wálter Fabián1212488100
4 20714 ARG GM Benz, Germán Fabián303247888
5 20951 ARG SIM Macayo, Ricardo Luis4692472100
6 21322 ARG IM Vieites, Carlos505246583
7 20709 ARG IM Domancich, Ezequiel Martín855244389
8 21387 ARG IM Iermito, Sebastián2762443100
9 20584 ARG SIM Hegoburu, Pedro Federico4582419100
10 20914 ARG IM Rodi Maletich, Luis1632413100
11 20372 ARG IM Martello, Juan Alberto9322407100
12 20821 ARG CCM Fernández, Javier Horacio540240396
13 20414 ARG CCM Brunsteins, Daniel Bernardo1882403100
14 20964 ARG SIM Saglione, Eduardo630239799
15 20840 ARG CCM Souto, Alejandro296239597
16 20930 ARG SIM Civitillo, Alfredo586239493
17 20564 ARG IM Leal, Domingo Daniel579239185
18 21054 ARG CCM Fernández, Jorge Luis3092390100
19 20121 ARG SIM Enricci, Juan Andrés756238897
20 20677 ARG SIM Rebord, Mauricio404238799
21 20472 ARG IM Colombo Berra, Fernando666238277
22 20826 ARG Morano, Ángel Mario362377100
23 21265 ARG Souto, Esteban792371100
24 20278 ARG Di Luzio, Norberto1432333100
25 20550 ARG CCM Atuán, Jorge Daniel347232290


70 players in the list
Ratinglist valid from 10/1/2023 to 12/31/2023.

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