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PlaceICCF IDCountryTitleNameGamesRating

1 390407 CPV CCE Carapinha, Francisco5212274
2 713021 CPV CCE Vera-Cruz Jr, Aguinaldo3452116
3 713034 CPV Carapinha, Helena422114
4 713036 CPV Andrade, José1502013
5 390542 CPV Mões Joaquim, Carlos3071898
6 713019 CPV Monteiro, António1951852
7 713018 CPV Alves, Terêncio2461813
8 713035 CPV Pimenta, David1041730
9 713040 CPV Onofre Lima, Manuel921652
10 713007 CPV Silva, Natalino1201621

10 players in the list
Ratinglist valid from 10/1/2020 to 12/31/2020.

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