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PlaceICCF IDCountryTitleNameGamesRating

1 211303 ENG GM Coleman, Peter L.2472607
2 211305 ENG GM Robson, Nigel1962607
3 210773 ENG GM Hall, Richard V. M.3372592
4 80869 ENG IM Flacker, Edgar1012518
5 210408 ENG GM Brooks, Ian S.2662514
6 211655 ENG SIM Williamson, Harvey D.4832508
7 212704 ENG SIM Rallabandi, Praveen Kumar3462503
8 212933 ENG CCE Le-Marechal, Gerard452471
9 211500 ENG SIM Burne, Nigel G.3482468
10 210168 ENG IM Shephard, Chris C. W.922466
11 211501 ENG SIM Wharam, John1802461
12 211318 ENG IM Soh, Edmund3452456
13 210405 ENG SIM Donnelly, Mike J.2422454
14 211942 ENG IM Weldon, David J.3032453
15 210300 ENG SIM Pegg, Russell M.1632437
16 211765 ENG IM Brewer, Shaun1612437
17 211454 ENG IM Cade, Steven5162431
18 211299 ENG IM Eldridge, Mark10372430
19 210788 ENG IM Lumley, Bill F.6902425
20 211431 ENG GM Pugh, John4352423
21 210807 ENG SIM Tait, Jonathan A.1662421
22 210148 ENG IM Anderton, David William1592417
23 210265 ENG SIM Williams, Christopher C.2382415
24 212013 ENG CCM Evans, David4292413
25 211229 ENG IM Ellis, Les6602410


317 players in the list
Ratinglist valid from 7/1/2020 to 9/30/2020.

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