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PlaceICCF IDCountryTitleNameGamesRating

1 380027 NZL SIM Freeman, Michael Roy4952529
2 380073 NZL GM Noble, Mark F.18332479
3 380239 NZL McNabb, Matt312450
4 380029 NZL SIM Anderson, Brian W.4312422
5 380177 NZL CCM Whaley, Michael2782373
6 380221 NZL CCM Chen, Frank1332360
7 780012 NZL IM Johnston, Allan8732354
8 380191 NZL King, Mathew1142303
9 380184 NZL CCE Gibbons, Robert E.3752288
10 380172 NZL Sims, Martin T.642262
11 380212 NZL Cooper, Nigel1512207
12 369007 NZL Eide, John Henning582187
13 380092 NZL Goffin, Peter B.3392186
14 380192 NZL Cook, Phil1702155
15 380197 NZL Pritchard, Owen M.1592152
16 380098 NZL Roberts, Earl N.472086
17 380125 NZL Cameron, Stephen M.1401692
18 380229 NZL Blackmore, Matthew521676
19 380219 NZL Riding, Christopher491669
20 380173 NZL Jackson, Malcolm A.301458

20 players in the list
Ratinglist valid from 7/1/2020 to 9/30/2020.

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