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PlaceICCF IDCountryTitleNameGamesRating

1 760001 RSA GM Barlow, John A.3772465
2 550048 RSA IM Glatthaar, Michael3632429
3 550116 RSA IM Bester, Benjamin Jaco2592403
4 550125 RSA IM Fourie, Marius Jacques3872376
5 550040 RSA SIM Knol, Everdinand5292363
6 550126 RSA CCM Opperman, Ron4382359
7 550131 RSA CCM Wellen, Loyd2922272
8 550236 RSA Engelbrecht, J. G.472244
9 550017 RSA CCE Ponelis, Albert A.2852213
10 550075 RSA CCE Cronjé, Hector2102188
11 550107 RSA Goldschagg, Ferdinand1022162
12 550143 RSA Jordaan, Wayne1652077
13 421316 RSA Długołęcki, Grzegorz4722057
14 550128 RSA Robinson, Johan542051
15 550103 RSA Laureles, Ray1152024
16 550190 RSA van Zyl, Marius311991
17 550210 RSA Bonthuys, Adrian521830
18 550101 RSA Dewald, Hans5151714
19 550134 RSA Ainsborough, Gregory741648
20 550102 RSA Scott, Rueon3961605
21 550063 RSA Vermeulen, Ernst J.2611602

21 players in the list
Ratinglist valid from 7/1/2020 to 9/30/2020.

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