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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Server ITA-RUS2021 EU Team Cup Final Italy-Russia 7/17/2021 Ongoing
Server EU/SenC1 1 EU Senior Cup 6/25/2021 Multi group
Server EU/A/Cup20/sf2 2nd EU Amateur Cup Semifinal 2 3/21/2021 A Ongoing
Server EU/A/Cup20/sf1 2nd EU Amateur Cup Semifinal 1 3/20/2021 A Ongoing
Server EU/A/Cup20/sf3 2nd EU Amateur Cup Semifinal 3 3/20/2021 A Ongoing
Server EU/A/Cup C21pr 3rd EU Amateur Cup 2021 2/20/2021 Multi group
Server EU/A/Cup19/fin EU Amateur Cup 2019 Final 2/15/2021 G Ongoing
Server GER-ITA2020 EU Team Cup Semifinal Germany-Italy 10/15/2020 Italy
Server GER-ROM2020 EU Team Cup Semifinal Germany-Romania 10/15/2020 Romania
Server ITA-ROM2020 EU Team Cup Semifinal Italy-Romania 10/15/2020 Italy
Server RUS-ESP2020 EU Team Cup Semifinal Russia-Spain 10/15/2020 Russia
Server RUS-WLS2020 EU Team Cup Semifinal Russia-Wales 10/15/2020 Russia
Server ESP-WLS2020 EU Team Cup Semifinal Spain-Wales 10/15/2020 Spain
Server SWE-EUR 2020 Friendly match Sweden vs Rest of Europe 9/30/2020 Ongoing
Server EU/KC/Mont Mont Blanc at King Chess 6/15/2020 Morozov, Dmitry Viktorovich
Server EU/A/Cup C20pr 2nd EU Amateur Cup 2020 3/15/2020 Multi group
Server EU/A/Cup19/sf1 EU Amateur Cup 2019 Semifinal 1 2/15/2020 C Hansen, Kim Holm
Server EU/A/Cup19/sf2 EU Amateur Cup 2019 Semifinal 2 2/15/2020 D Straka, Jozef
Server EU/A/Cup19/sf3 EU Amateur Cup 2019 Semifinal 3 2/15/2020 D Domaraczeńko, Krzysztof
Server EU/A/Cup19/sf4 EU Amateur Cup 2019 Semifinal 4 2/15/2020 D Kamenskikh, Anatoly Petrovich
Server EU/A/Cup19/sf5 EU Amateur Cup 2019 Semifinal 5 2/15/2020 D Recasens Sánchez, Juan Antonio
Server EU/A/Cup EU Amateur Cup 2/10/2019 Multi group
Server ENG-Europe 2018 Friendly match England vs Rest of Europe 11/1/2018 Rest of Europe
Server FRA-EUR 2017 Friendly match France vs Rest of Europe 10/31/2017 France
Postal GER-EUR 2017 Friendly match Germany vs Rest of Europe Postal 9/30/2017 Ongoing
Server CZE-EUR 2015 Friendly match Czech Republic vs Rest of Europe 12/31/2015 Czech Republic
Server ITA-EUR 2015 Friendly match Italy vs Rest of Europe 3/1/2015 Rest of Europe
Server Rochade-25/TT Chessfriends Rochade 5171 - 25 years 9/1/2014 Czech Republic
Server GER-EUR 2014 Friendly match Germany vs Rest of Europe 3/17/2014 Germany
Server RUS-EUR 2012 Friendly match "Russia vs Rest of Europe" 12/15/2012 Russia

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