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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Server GER-Pirs Germany-Schachschule Pirs 1/15/2022 Schachschule Pirs
Server BdF Diam 11-1 BdF Diamant 11-1 (GER) 5/19/2020 3 Pranjič, Mitja
Postal GER/Cup19/final 19. Deutsches Pokalfinale 3/20/2017 Even, Roland
Postal GER/Cup18/final 18. Deutsches Pokalfinale 7/28/2014 Beck, Gerhard
Postal GER/Baumbach/F Dr. Baumbach-Pokal Finale 12/17/2012 Zschako, Silvio
Postal GER/Baumbach/01 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 01 3/21/2011 Herfurth, Thomas
Postal GER/Baumbach/02 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 02 3/21/2011 Papenfuß, Ingo
Postal GER/Baumbach/03 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 03 3/21/2011 Bendig, Frank
Postal GER/Baumbach/04 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 04 3/21/2011 Fritz, Harry
Postal GER/Baumbach/05 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 05 3/21/2011 Müller, Gerhard (Osterode)
Postal GER/Baumbach/06 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 06 3/21/2011 Engelhardt, Georg
Postal GER/Baumbach/07 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 07 3/21/2011 Vötter, Hans-Dieter
Postal GER/Baumbach/08 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 08 3/21/2011 Funke, Klaus
Postal GER/Baumbach/09 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 09 3/21/2011 Zschako, Silvio
Postal GER/Baumbach/10 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 10 3/21/2011 Zimpel, Norbert
Postal GER/Baumbach/11 Dr.-Fritz-Baumbach-Pokal 11 3/21/2011 Weber, Karlheinz
Postal GER/Cup17/final 17. Deutsches Pokalfinale 3/10/2011 Schilcher, Adrian
Postal GER/Africa/14 Support for Africa14 10/6/2008 Schepers, Herbert
Server GER/Africa/01 Support for Africa01 9/21/2008 8 Noble, Mark F.
Server GER/Africa/02 Support for Africa02 9/21/2008 5 Mary, Patrick
Server GER/Africa/03 Support for Africa03 9/21/2008 Neumann, Bernd
Server GER/Africa/04 Support for Africa04 9/21/2008 2 Beckmann, Frank
Server GER/Africa/05 Support for Africa05 9/21/2008 Hens, Bernhard
Server GER/Africa/06 Support for Africa06 9/21/2008 Anderskewitz, Ralf
Server GER/Africa/07 Support for Africa07 9/21/2008 Weber, Karlheinz
Server GER/Africa/08 Support for Africa08 9/21/2008 Haak, Gerard K. P. van den
Server GER/Africa/09 Support for Africa09 9/21/2008 Burgarth, Ulrich
Server GER/Africa/10 Support for Africa10 9/21/2008 Mer, Alain
Server GER/Africa/11 Support for Africa11 9/21/2008 Ewert, Stefan
Email GER/Africa/12 Support for Africa12 9/21/2008 Zitzmann, Johann

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