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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Postal IND/C1520 Indian National Championship 1520 9/28/2022 Ongoing
Postal IND/C1519 Indian National Championship 1519 10/9/2021 Ongoing
Postal IND/C1518 Indian National Championship 1518 10/22/2020 Ongoing
Postal IND/C1517 Indian Championship 1517 5/2/2019 De, Gautam
Postal IND/C1516 Indian 1516 10/14/2017 Prakash, Om
Postal IND/C1515 AICCF Championship 1515 5/22/2017 Kapoor, Lalit
Postal IND/C1514 AICCF Championship 1514 11/26/2015 Trivedi, Kalapi B.
Postal IND/13 AICCF Championship 1513 2/25/2015 De, Gautam
Postal IND/C12 AICCF Championship 1512 8/24/2013 Sastry, KVS
Postal IND/C11 Indian Championship 1511 10/19/2012 Prakash, Om
Postal IND/C10 Indian Chanpionship-1510 (AICCF) 12/14/2011 Kumar, Pavan Tumuluri
Postal IND/C9 9. Indian Championship (AICCF) 8/15/2010 Kumar, Pavan Tumuluri
Postal IND/C8 8. Indian Championship (AICCF) 7/31/2009 Dhanish, P. B.
Postal IND/C7 7. Indian Championship (AICCF) 9/30/2006 Dhanish, P. B.
Postal IND/C6 6. Indian Championship (AICCF) 8/10/2003 Dhanish, P. B.

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