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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Server IRL/C2008/qual Irish Championship 2008 qualifier 11/25/2007 Foenander, Phillip A.
Postal IRL/C2005 Irish Championship 2005/2007 10/1/2005 Kelly, Patrick
Server IRL/EC1/final Irish Email Championship-1 Final 9/4/2005 O'Hare, Ciaran
Postal IRL/C2004 Irish Championship 2004/2006 10/1/2004 Breslin, William J.
Email IRL/EC1/pr1 Irish Email Championship 1, prel.group 1 11/14/2003 Windebank, Garry H.; O'Hare, Ciaran
Postal MT-Heidenfeld Wolfgang Heidenfeld Memorial 3/30/2000 5 Degerhammar, Rune

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